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Goodness Ministries is committed to Christ and His word. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Christ through ministry, fellowship, and worship. At the core of Goodness Ministries are the members and believers that come together to practice God’s word, celebrate His love, and extend His gifts to all.

Osita Ehiabhi
Senior Pastor

Pastor Osita Ehiabhi is the founding pastor of Goodness Ministries in Framingham, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Dr. Patricia Elisnord-Ehiabhi, have been active members of their home churches for 15 + years. Pastor Osita has ministered the gospel in an international capacity and has pastored churches in Nigeria and the United States. Pastor Osita accepted God’s call to ordained ministry in 2000 while living in Nigeria.

Osita is particularly passionate about the word of God, missionary work, working with adolescents, and helping others experience God’s goodness and love. Pastor Osita has founded Goodness Ministries with a vision to expand God’s kingdom. He hopes to assist people from all walks of life experience the goodness of Christ and to share in his love through exploration of his biblical teachings and reflection. His ministry has been characterized by miraculous signs and wonders. 

Florence Edit (1).JPG
Florence Nyaga
Intercessory Prayer Ministry

I am a young Christian woman living life seeking to please God in every way. I would love to be known as a woman who sought after God’s heart. Prayer is a powerful weapon, in which we children of God get to unleash God’s divine purpose & will into our lives. I love to pray. I started praying as a little child & with God’s help, I am a prayer warrior at his service. I believe that one of my purposes is to pray for the fulfillment of God’s will to be Manifested on earth. I am just a vessel yielded to God’s calling.

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Annitta Edwards

Annitta Edwards loves God and has a passion for the gospel. She is currently pursuing a degree in theology and is the author of Gods' magnificence. A book that encourages the young and the old in their walk with God.  Annitta Edwards shares a love for prayer and a desire to see souls transformed and restored.  

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